variPlay is a new app-based interactive format for the sale and distribution of music.

A unique new way to listen starts here.


This incredible new technology allows the listener to change the music in real time to suit their mood. From rock to house, from acoustic to remix – the format can be customized by the artist to realize a new level of artistic vision and listener experience.

You can play the machine or let the machine take you on

a unique listening journey – hands-free.

This is variPlay.


Multiple versions and mixes of each song allow the listener to explore, interact and remix smoothly with real-time gestures

Centre position plays radio/pop mix

Top position plays an

a capella mix

Bottom position plays acoustic mix

Left position plays dubstep mix

Right positon plays dub mix

Moving the dot on the app morphs between versions


Rich media features


Social networks and video links




Fully customizable for different methods of interactivity, styling and media content. Define your own feature sent and use an artist's own livery in place of the examples shown. The client has total control of all aspects of the look, functionality and music, from aesthetic to quality. 

Your imagination and creativity guide what the listener hears and sees –

with YOUR music.


variPlay is funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Seed funding has been made available to commercialize prior research, and so your custom-built app can be constructed at no cost to artist, producer, management, publisher or label.

Once created, your app can be sold on the Apple App Store at whatever price point you choose – from free (possibly with in-app purchasing) to a comparable direct cost to that of an iTunes or CD purchase. Revenue will then be generated as with any other commercial sale. The developers would like to negotiate a modest percentage of this to support future development of the business model.

We are currently seeking exciting artists to collaborate with, to continue to bring this exciting product to market.


Meet The Team

variPlay was developed by a team led by two leading UK academics

Prof. Rob Toulson

Professor of Creative Industries
School of Media Art and Design
University of Westminster.

Prof. Justin Paterson

Professor of Music Production
The London College of Music
University of West London.
Extending research developed in
collaboration with:
Anglia Ruskin University
University of West London
In collaboration with:
The UK Arts and Humanities Research Council

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©2017 by University of West London

Infinite Square variations

In this GUI option, the listener can dial different versions of your song on the matrix, choosing the one to suit their mood. Big beats for Saturday night or acoustic chill for Sunday morning, the artist always has complete control of what is offered.